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Intek’s Detox Evolution is a safe, gentle, and healthy way to eliminate accumulated waste in the digestive system leaving you with a tighter waistline, less bloating and water retention, and a better ability to properly absorb your daily foods. Beyond digestive system correction, Detox Evolution will detoxify all your vital organs including the liver, the gallbladder, and the kidneys for a stronger, better-working body and immune system. For the first time ever, a cleansing supplement includes an herbal blend for blood detoxification and total body purification as well leaving you with the most evolutionary supplement of its kind. Ingredients like Cascara Sagrada are used to up regulate bowel movements and serves to clean waste from the digestive tract. Buckthorn Bark and Senna contain compounds called anthraquinones which when taken help to move bowels more quickly through the colon. These anthraquinones increase the colon’s ability to contract and reduce water absorption by the intestines. Slippery Elm is used as an herbal remedy for increasing healthy mucus secretion in the gastro intestinal tract to protect against excess acidity and ulcers. It also contains antioxidants known to help relieve inflammation in the bowels. Bentonite Clay is a detoxification agent that swells as it absorbs water in the intestinal tract and draws in toxins which are eventually removed from the body as it passes through the body undigested. Aloe, of which Aloe Vera is the most commonly used form, treats a variety of conditions from wound healing, to skin issues, and a variety of digestive conditions like relieving intestinal discomfort, acting as a natural laxative, and reducing the chance of infection. Flax is added as an essential lipid with a high fiber content aiding in digestive cleansing. While Peppermint leaves are for soothing the digestive system and treating symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion.
Why just exist when you can evolve? Rejuvenate your health today with Intek Detox Evolution and your body will be thanking you in no time. 

Detox Evolution